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How To Close An Additional 2-4 Deals Per Month Or Net An Additional $300k (Or More) In Commissions Within 12 Months Or Less Using Targeted Video Sales Letters

How To Close An Additional 2-4 Deals Per Month Or Net An Additional $300k (Or More) In Commissions Within 12 Months Or Less Using Targeted Video Sales Letters

Step 1 of 2: Watch The Free Training Below

Step 2: Click On "Get A Price" To Speak To Someone On Our Team

Step 1 of 2: Watch The Free Training Below

Step 2: Click On "Get A Price" To Speak To Someone On Our Team

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Bikram Dosanjh - 29 Closed Buyer Transactions Within 12 Months

Bikram is a rockstar agent based out of Toronto, Canada working in a very competitive market. He has closed 29 tracked deals with our team within the first 12 months of working with us.

State 1: Busy real estate agent that was doing deals through referrals, radio/tv ads but noticed his pipeline drying up and his business decreasing without an online marketing strategy.

State 2: 29 closed buyer transactions within 12 months, and a new full pipeline of buyers looking to work with him.

Bikram came to us when he was spending thousands of dollars on radio, tv, and billboards. Despite being skeptical about our claims, he took the leap of faith and allowed us to set up his first Facebook ad campaign which yielded a higher ROI compared to any other form marketing he had done in the past. He's absolutely crushing it in the Toronto condo market where there are numerous agents running Facebook ads and online advertising.

Market: Toronto, Canada

Result: 29 Closed Transactions In 12 Mo.

Agent: Bikram Dosanjh, Cityscape Real Estate

Avneet Behan - 2 Closed Transactions Within 30 Days

2 new buyer deals in his first month with a new pipeline of leads that know, value, and trust him.

State 1: Experienced real estate agent that was doing rentals/leases and depended leads from his brokerage and referrals within his network.

State 2: 2 new closed buyer transactions in 30 days.

Avneet Behan is an experienced agent based out of Mississauga, ON. All of his business came from leads through his brokerage, and he didn't want his income to depend on someone else. Therefore, he reached out to us and saw exceptional results within 30 days with his own in-house client acquisition system.

Market: Mississauga, Canada

Result: 2 Closed Transactions In 30 Days

Agent: Avneet Behan, Zoocasa

Dilraj Tiwana - $80,000 in GCI with $0 Spent on Advertising in 120 Days

Dilraj used our proven marketing system and produced $80,000 in GCI for his business with dozen's of motivated people in the pipeline ready to buy in the coming months.

State 1: Wasted hundreds of dollars boosting ads on Google on YouTube hoping for a lead to reach out.

State 2: 4 Pre-Construction buyers closed and $80,000 of gross commission income within 120 days.

Dilraj Tiwana is a licensed real estate agent servicing the Greater Toronto Area market. After working with so many real estate teams, Dilraj noticed something. Every team promised leads, however he was dealing low quality leads and exhausted databases. Although Dilraj was skeptical to work with us at first, he took a leap of faith and is on track to do 6 figures this year.

Market: Toronto, Canada

Result: $80,000 in GCI within 120 Days.

Agent: Dilraj Tiwana, Royal LePage

Manvir Dosanjh
Founder of AgentScale

Now, you might be wondering if this is for you...

This is for any real estate sales professional that is full time or looking to go full time, and is actively looking to grow their business.

If these fit your current situation, you are definitely a fit...
  • You're an agent unhappy with your transaction volume annually who wants to build a consistent business, double your net income and maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Your income is a rollercoaster with no predictability. 
  • You’re hungry to earn a high income, accumulate capital or pay off debt. You want to work with A-players only. 
  • You’re ambitious and motivated to provide for yourself, your family or your significant other. You want to get away from the broker or team lead that doesn’t care about you.
  • You want to build long-term wealth, potentially become an avid real estate investor. You’re not looking for a get rich quick scheme, but a path that will earn you an additional $10k-$30k per month if you work extremely hard.

  • You want to learn from people who have implemented their own system and constantly update it with the latest market insights.
  • If you're sick and tired of paying money to lead generation firms and want to own an in-house hyper profitable client acquisition system that runs on autopilot...this is definitely for you.

The AgentScale framework helps you launch & scale your very own lead generation system. Leap over all the income-wasting mistakes that others have had to experience. It will save you years of banging your head against the wall trying to figure it out yourself.

The Old Way

  • Chasing leads using the same strategy as every other Realtor in your market

  • Wasting money on copy-cat IDX home search websites

  • Wasting hours asking friends and family for referrals
  • Competing with budget brokerages and discount agents

  • Being stuck on the real estate income roller coaster


  • Predictably attract high quality clients instead of chasing leads

  • Your own in-house client acquisition system that works while you sleep

  • Full commissions with dream clients who choose to work with you
  • Establish yourself as the expert and authority figure in your market

  • We guarantee you one deal or your money back

Warning: Limited Spots
Start scaling up your real estate business today

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